Mythos World Coming Soon

Are you interested in 1920’s Horror Roleplaying? Are you a fan of the great storytelling that emerges from Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World engine?

Mythos World is coming. Initial development and layout is complete. We’ve started playtesting and original artwork is in production. The author is Russell Brown, who created our Dungeon World GM Resources line and wrote Elusive Legends. Russ is also the author of Shadows of Cthulhu, from Gun Metal Games, and has written dozens of books and articles for Paizo Publishing, Steve Jackson Games, and Goodman Games. Russ has set out to make sure the rules drive the story forward.

“For example, I’ve tried to avoid player moves that just add a modifier to an attribute roll. The problem with moves like that is they don’t add anything new to the narrative — they just change the probabilities of existing narrative outcomes. Every move should provide fodder for story.”

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