All of our products are sold through RPGNow and Drivethrough RPG. Mythos World is available through Indie Press Revolution and at your local game store.

CoverFinal_rgbMythos World brings the storytelling RPG power of the Apocalypse World system to 1920s cosmic horror roleplaying. Uncover the mysteries of the Mythos as a detective, criminal, archeologist, clergy, or a dozen other character professions. Stop the powers that threaten to destroy the human race, or lose your sanity in the attempt. The text of Mythos world is provided under Creative Commons 4.0 International Attribution license. Also get your free Profession Playbooks, Basic Player Moves and Additional Resources.


D6poolrules-thumbFreeD6Pool is a modern roleplaying system, designed for fast preparation and fast play. And it’s free! The Cast of Characters book and the free Recon 6 campaign will help get you started.


DWR1-thumbEach volume of Dungeon World GM Resources provides 50 new and interesting creatures, NPCs, traps, magic items and  locations for the Dungeon World GM to use.



EL-thumb140Elusive Legends shows you how to build story in your tabletop RPGs by demonstrating how 22 different writing concepts apply to specific roleplaying games like D&D, Fate Core, Dungeon World, and Hillfolk.