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CoverFinal_rgbMythos World brings the storytelling RPG power of the Apocalypse World system to 1920s cosmic horror roleplaying. Uncover the mysteries of the Mythos as a detective, criminal, archeologist, clergy, or a dozen other character professions. Stop the powers that threaten to destroy the human race, or lose your sanity in the attempt.


D6poolrules-thumbFreeD6Pool is a modern roleplaying system, designed for fast preparation and fast play. And it’s free! The Cast of Characters book and the free Recon 6 campaign will help get you started.


DWR1-thumbEach volume of Dungeon World GM Resources provides 50 new and interesting creatures, NPCs, traps, magic items and  locations for the Dungeon World GM to use.



EL-thumb140Elusive Legends shows you how to build story in your tabletop RPGs by demonstrating how 22 different writing concepts apply to specific roleplaying games like D&D, Fate Core, Dungeon World, and Hillfolk.